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Making contributing to Open-Source easy through a simple repo

October 01, 2019


I know some of you wouldn’t agree with the title of this post, but it’s true that it can be easy. So this blog post has two parts - one my open-contribution story as motivating part and second as action part, a repo made by me and my friend where you can raise a PR easily, which helps you compete in the Hacktoberfest challenge!

So, let’s start this blog post with my story of open source contribution (which btw has just started!). I was in the same boat as most of you reading this article since I had also made no contributions or very minimal ones. It really started with an opportunity to write a tutorial for Hasura on Angular with GraphQL integration for a Todo App. After that I have gotten more confidence and done few more contributions.

Now, let’s get to the action part of contributing to open-source. So you can go to the repo and start working on issues. More languages and issues will be added continuously throughout the month. You can also propose features and things that can be added to the repo. Please add your name and info to the contributors-site (you can find an issue created for that as well on the repo). Feel free to contact me for any help you would need!

Before you start, remember to register for Hacktoberfest!

Apoorv Vardhan

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